Тест «Условные предложения в английском языке»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. If he (...) in the woods at that particular time, he (...) the suicide.
2. Just think! If we (...) our degree course to music, we (...) professionally now.
3. Oh, I am so embarrassed! I wish the ground (...) open and swallow me.
4. The garage can’t have adjusted the brakes properly; (...), they wouldn’t be making such horrible noise.
5. I’m sure Jessie (...) to play this Saturday provided someone (...) her a lift to the stadium.
6. We really should have looked at the timetable when we got off the ferry. We (...) the six-thirty train, but now we have to hang around here until twenty past eight.
7. If they (...) you at the London School of Economics, which other universities (...) you apply to?
8. My mother is an excellent cook, and I really wish she (...) our wedding cake, but she’ll be very busy with other things.
9. (...) the press (...) Princess Diana’s privacy more, she might not have been killed in a traffic accident. She was trying to avoid the newspaper photographers when the accident happened.
10. The young boys listened to the words of the famous basketball player as though it (...) a king speaking to them.
11. (...) you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and get plenty of exercises can you be really healthy.
12. I (...) my son to go to the cinema with his friends, but he (...) his schoolwork when they phoned.
13. Without help from chemistry and a microscope, it (...) hard to accept that the rock called limestone comes from seashells and corals.
14. Unless they (...) by radar, ships and aircraft (...) cautiously or not at all in dense fog.
15. If you (...) to find any buried treasure while you (...), remember that anything found in this garden belongs to me.
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