Тест «Притяжательные местоимения (Possessive pronouns)»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. My sister bought that new car last week. That car is (...).
2. The blue car isn’t my sister’s car. The green one is (…) car.
3. Excuse me. Have you seen (…) cell phone? I lost it.
4. That dog belongs to my neighbor. It’s (…) dog.
5. Is this (…) pen? Does it belong to you?
6. (…) home is located downtown, so it’s close to my work.
7. My brother doesn’t like (…) new job because it’s very boring.
8. The cat was hungry and tired, so it ate all (…) food and fell asleep.
9. It’s not theirs, it’s (…). We bought it yesterday
10. (…) friend is over there by the cafeteria. Can you see him?
11. Her friend says it’s (…), but I think it belongs to them.
12. What do you like to do in (…) free time?
13. I don’t think that sandwich is mine. I think it’s (…).
14. That's Kate's house. (...) is on the next street.
15. Do you both look like (...) parents?
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