Тест на определение умения использовать страдательный залог в английском языке

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. I hope the new timetable (...) by Friday as I want to start a driving course next week, but I need to know which afternoon I will be off before I can enrol on it.
2. Obviously, the management (...) that we (...) the new conditions without questioning the consequences.
3. To the ancient Romans, a census (...) simply counting the people and valuing their estates for the purpose of the taxation, but today the range of information collected by a census taker is very wide, and the statistics gathered (...) to many uses.
4. I really dislike (...) to work on Sundays because I feel torn between my family and work.
5. Animal lovers would like industrial testing on animals (...) to medical experiments
6. Medicines and chemical cleaning liquids (...) out of children’s reach.
7. Five armed men (...) a Zurich Post Office last night in a van which (...) as a Post Office repair vehicle.
8. Advertising is very old. Examples of advertising (...) as far back as ancient Greece, where criers (...) out messages about their clients’ wares to the public.
9. The coach driver couldn’t see through the window because it (...) properly.
10. Local residents (...) to radio-activity for weeks now because of the leak at the Nuclear Power station.
11. Are you sure my table (...) by this cleaning fluid?
12. It’s our principle that the petrol tank (...) before the rental car (...) to the customer.
13. The sailing ship (...) about like a toy by the strong November wind.
14. All of the trees that (...) by the disease (...); otherwise, the problem will spread through the whole orchard.
15. I (...) scuba diving lessons since last year, but I still (...) accustomed to breathing with all that equipment.
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