Тест по английскому языку на знание модальных глаголов

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. It (...) our dog which barked continuously all night since it was sleeping inside with us.
2. Why are you wasting time? You (...) your work already.
3. Well, if your pocket’s empty, you (...) all your money.
4. Sue (...) in Istanbul, but her husband has just been appointed there, so she doesn’t have much choice.
5. He (...) be at home. His car is not in the garage.
6. Humans (...) smell about 10.000 scents, ranging from freshly cut flowers to the aversive smell of an angry skunk.
7. I’m sorry I’m late. You (...) waiting for a long time.
8. It’s strange that he hasn’t said any more about his plans to emigrate. He (...) his mind about it.
9. My aunt (...) here tomorrow. She is abroad until next week.
10. You (...) not open the door on any account when I’m out.
11. I (...) a bit longer for you at the station that day. I am so sorry!
12. You (...) find some of the most colourful people on the bus.
13. Sammy is upstairs. He (...) his homework.
14. I know I (...) the letter earlier today.
15. If we have no money to take a taxi, we (...) on the bus.
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