Тест по английскому языку на знание лексики по теме «Спорт»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. He was (...) from the competition because he had not complied with the rules.
2. Some of the best golf (...) are to be found in England.
3. This is the running (...) where the first 4-minute mile was run.
4. Have you been able to book us a tennis (...) for tomorrow?
5. Our team faced fierce (...) in the relay races.
6. She is a good runner but she's not much good at (...).
7. He ran four (...) of the course in half an hour.
8. Mary tells me she is (...) my horse in the Derby.
9. All the athletes were wearing (...) suits when they came into the stadium.
10. The fastest runner took the (...) just five metres before the finishing line.
11. The team has practised hard so that it could (...) the trophy.
12. His poor standard of play fully justifies his (...) from the team for the next match.
13. The (...) said it was a foul and gave us a free-kick.
14. In his first game for our team, he (...) a goal after two minutes.
15. The football match resulted in a (...).
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