Тест по английскому языку на знание лексики по теме «Музыка»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. They have (...) music at the disco.
2. Shall we dance? They are playing our favourite (...).
3. The pop (...) is emptier following the death of John Lennon.
4. I don't think I know that song, but if you (...) the tune, I may be able to recognize it.
5. The Manhattan Transfer (...) is an example of wellbalanced singing by four artists.
6. At the pop festival, you will be able to hear music (...) over a system of loudspeakers.
7. The acoustics in the concert hall were very poor, and it was necessary to (...) voices of the performers.
8. Just as the violinist began to play, one of the (...) on his violin broke.
9. She never learnt the piano but she can play by (...).
10. Although I play the piano quite well, I still can't (...).
11. They sometimes play together in a (...).
12. The next (...) on the programme will be a sonata by Beethoven.
13. In the orchestra, the oboe and the bassoon are two of the (...) instruments.
14. Which (...) do you propose to play this piece in?
15. The piano is badly out of (...), I'm afraid.
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