Тест по английскому языку на знание лексики по теме «Искусство»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. Mr Cheater made a living (...) works by famous painters.
2. A sculpture by Rodin fetched more than two million dollars at the (...) last month.
3. The (...) of Rembrandt's paintings finishes next week.
4. They thought the painting was genuine but it turned out to be (...).
5. On examination by experts, the picture turned out to be a (...).
6. He is sometimes considered to be an outstanding artist, but I consider his work to be quite (...).
7. He made some (...) sketches which would serve as guides when he painted the actual landscape.
8. The paintings are hung in heavy gold (...).
9. This beautiful portrait is (...) to Rubens.
10. He earns his living by (...) works of art.
11. That landscape is somewhat (...) of Rembrandt's early work.
12. The portrait you see here is a very good (...) of my mother.
13. ‘Sunflowers’ is a famous (…) by Vincent van Gogh.
14. There was a huge marble (…) of Venus outside the museum.
15. He's painted a mesmerizing (...). I've never seen such a stunning sea before.
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