Тест по английскому языку на знание лексики по теме «Фильмы»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. They all sat in the fourth (...) of the cinema.
2. Lawrence Olivier gave an excellent (...) in the film.
3. There was an interesting (...) of the film in the paper last week.
4. What time is the first (...) of the film?
5. The (...) music for the film has been taken from the works of Chopin.
6. There is an interesting (...) nowadays to make films portraying love between youngsters.
7. The latest video (...) contains details of over one thousand films.
8. "(...) children are not admitted to this film."
9. This film is not (...) for children.
10. The film started with the heroine's death so most of it was shot in (...).
11. I found the last scene extremely (...) and well-directed.
12. Did you see that (...) about wildlife in Africa on television last week?
13. The (...) comedy in the silent films was especially funny.
14. The laughter on many comedies on TV isn't real laughter, it's (...) laughter.
15. The movie was so successful that a (...) is being made.
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