Тест «Business English»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. I’d be better off stopping my legal job and doing jobs for cash. The (...) is the only way to make money these days.
2. However, the same product sold really well in England. As they say there, it (...).
3. At the start of the meeting, everybody was very quiet and reserved but he told a few jokes to (...).
4. We need a name for our new brand. The best thing is to get a few people together and try to (...) a name.
5. My boss never gives me any freedom. She’s always (...) my neck.
6. I’m well aware that this is potentially a good new product and that we are probably (...) with it.
7. I guess this market study shows that nobody wants to buy our product. It’s (...) for us.
8. I reckon we owe you about the same as you owe us. Why don’t we just (...)?
9. The company cannot refund customers' money, and goods can only be (…) on production of a receipt or other proof of purchase.
10. Our customer call centre used to be in Sheffield, but last year we (…) it to India, where costs are much lower.
11. Our new memory cards (...) in price, from £42 for a 64Mb card up to £140 for a 2Gb card.
12. We sometimes say that people who compete for success in business or in a career are working for the (...).
13. When somebody is dismissed from their job, we can say that they have (...). (a) got the shoe (b) got the sandal (c) got the boot (d) got the slipper
14. If an employee is deliberately or accidentally excluded from decision-making processes, they might complain that they are being left (...).
15. The practice of transferring a difficult, incompetent or non-essential employee from one department to another is known informally as a (...).
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