Тест «Артикли в английском языке (Articles)»

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. He likes playing (...) guitar.
2. A large part of (...) Amazon has been polluted.
3. (...) Sahara gets its name from the word for desert in (...) Arabic.
4. San Diego is located near (...) Mexican border.
5. Toronto is located on (...) Lake Ontario.
6. You look very tired. You need (...) holiday.
7. What do you usually have for (...) breakfast?
8. Where's Tom? - He's in (...) bed.
9. Can I ask (...) question?
10. We spent a lot of time swimming in (...) sea on holiday.
11. She did (...) MA in French literature.
12. My garden's looking lovely now that the daffodils are in (...) flower.
13. An atheist does not believe in (...) God.
14. В каком предложении не допущена ошибка?
15. В каком предложении допущена ошибка?
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