Грамматический тест на Past Continuous и Past Perfect Continuous

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. Andrew and Kate were very tired because they (...) on stage for hours.
2. When Haluk (...) the door, he was surprised to see her friend Havva, who he (...) for years.
3. It was too late for me to persuade Matt to return because he (...) on the bus when I (...) him on his mobile phone.
4. Mr Lewis was really angry because he (...) at the hospital for over 2 hours.
5. They (...) to find an answer to the problem for 3 hours when they (...) its solution.
6. I (...) TV when I (...) the phone ring.
7. Irene (...) her friend Mike to move into his new house for a few days when she (...) sick.
8. The policeman (...) traffic when the lorry (...) into the taxi.
9. When I (...) to the shoe shop, the shopkeeper (...) a tea break, so I had to wait for a while.
10. Mike (...) over the offer for almost a week until he (...) a final decision.
11. Ellen (...) when the teacher spoke to her.
12. Where (...) she (...) when she was 8?
13. Mandy was exhausted by the time she went on holiday because she (...) over 55 hours a week.
14. Before the recession, the economy (...) at a rapid pace.
15. It (...) all day yesterday, so I stayed at home.
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